25 mart.

Vine vacantza mare si timpul distractiilor….Noi iti propunem ceva mai diferit decit mare, munte, disco si cluburi de distractii….Hai cu noi intr-o tabara internationala de voluntari!!!!!

Ce presupune asta!?! Afla mai multe detalii

Poti alege orice tara din Europa…Iata citeva dintre cele mai tentante oferte:


Hospitalet  (FR-SCI 4.1) 2011.07.04-2011.07.24

Topic Disabilities. The workcamp will be held in a residence for physically heavily handicapped persons, near Vendôme, in the Loire valley castles. A specialised work is done in order to give the residents a self-aptitude to their daily tasks. The volunteers will bring their personal competences (music, theatre,…) and national culture (songs, pictures, diaporama, …) and help the animation team, taking part in the residents daily activities : games, debates, visits outside, picnics… A special workshop will be organised in order to create an art piece out of recycled material. (Minimum age: 20)


ECO VILLAGE (CH-SCI 6.2) 2011.07.25-2011.08.06

“Eco village” is a group of 30 adults and 26 children, with the common goal to establish a sustainable community. They want to find the balance between human beings and nature, through the simple concept of not taking more from earth, than earth can give you. They are also building a sustainable social structure, through decentralized economy and rich cultural exchange. The volunteers will be part of this community and help developing it. The work will consist of construction work with willow and clay, woodwork (playground), gardening.


Heure – Volunteer in 2011 (BE-SCI 6.1) 2011.07.17- 2011.07.29

This workcamp takes place in the frame of the global project “Volunteering 2011”, supported by the CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for international voluntary service) at the occasion of the International and European Year of Volunteers. Volunteers, coming from different continents, countries, backgrounds, will work together, but also express ideas, opinions, dreams that will contribute to the future common Plan of Action of the international voluntary organizations. During the summer, similar groups in similar camps will do the same in Africa, America and Asia. More than ever, volunteers will “act locally, think globally”! At a national level, this workcamp is also be the result of a unique collaboration between 3 Belgian workcamp organizations: CBB, JAVVA and SCI, and one local youth movement: “Les Scouts et Guides Pluralistes”. Local youngsters will be largely invited to visit the camp and to share one working day with the international volunteers. Most of the workcamp will be dedicated to manual work. Volunteers will build picnic tables, dry toilets and take care of a beautiful natural area in a field belonging to the Pluralistic Scouts and Guides.

Esti interesat si vrei sa participi?

Trimite un mesaj la si noi iti vom oferi toate detaliile necesare…..!!!


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